New Year Greetings

New challenges in 2015

Dear business partners and friends,

We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Our new business year started with some great news. We are happy to announce the collaboration with DerTour. Together we created a fascinating and thrilling itinerary which is called ‘Kulturgeschichte Kameruns” (Cultural History of Cameroon). The tour is also online available under

We hope you find this tour as interesting as our already existing tours offered by our partners Ikarus Tours, Take Off Reisen, Hauser Exkursionen, Foxtours and ARR. For more information please take a look under our link section. If you have any special wishes and enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always more than happy to provide you with any insider information to meet your personal needs.

Unfortunately and wrongfully did the Ebola epidemic in West Africa also affect the tourism industry in Cameroon in 2014. However, not one single case of Ebola has been in Cameroon and the risk of contagion is higher in Frankfurt / Main than in Cameroon.

It is to be hoped that in time reason will prevail and our friends will return to visit this magnificent country and new friends to be made will discover Cameroon as a tourism destination.

The situation is different in Sierra Leone due to the Ebola epidemic. We will keep you informed about the developments and the combat of this terrible plague. Nonetheless we are happy to announce that the government of Sierra Leone is willing to further develop tourism on the mid term run. Therefore, unaltered, Loewen Touristik keeps on functioning as the official tourism representative of this West African country.

With the kindest regards


Agnès Kah

Lion Touristic