Loewen Touristik - Africa 4 all

Africa for all – in Europe too

LION TOURISTIC not only brings business customers, individual travellers and groups to Africa - be them Europeans or Africans - it also brings Africa to you in form of a wide range of marketing activities under the motto “Africa for Europeans and Africans alike – a first hand experience”.

Our own African background and our extensive international experience will make sure that building the bridges for you between the two continents runs very smoothly and is based on solid ground.  This is the reason why our major market activities are focussed on the German, English - and French-speaking parts of Europe as well as on anglo-francophone Africa.

Our offers and orientation within the broad range of our marketing activities are structured in accordance to our bi-continental approach. The often unique tourist attractions of Africa undergo a very careful selection process, followed by detailed information passed on to our clients. We also keep them continuously up-to date regarding news, extension of programs and alternatives as well as improvements in service. In all our business contacts we are placing extra emphasis on sustainable and lasting relationships to the benefit of both parties. We want you to come back!

Please contact us when you are interested in representing your interests or you are looking for single events (e.g. within the context of an African Festival or Fair) in order to get your products and services to market.

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